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Credit: AARON GREEN - VLogL to Comet Color CONTRAST

These are LUTs for Panasonic's V-LOG and V-LOG L in the EVA-1 and GH5 series cameras. These LUTs have been successfully tested with all cameras and are a great way to unify the EVA-1 and GH5 series cameras for use. The set includes Flat and Contrast LUTs for VLog, and Flat and Contrast LUTs for Picture Profile settings in the GH5 such as natural, standard, etc.

The LUTs are designed to address nuances of Panasonic's Color such as yellow/green splotches in skin and over modulated reds. They have a heavy bias for skin and soft highlights, and feature what some call my trademark "round skin" look. Picture Profile LUTs are based on the work done with VLogL, mileage may vary with these, but wanted to give those without VLogL some options as well.


With these LUTs you can utilize your AWB setting in camera, or the stock options (Daylight, Cloudy, Tungsten, etc.) to nail WB, and feed that out to a monitor for viewing. You can also record the signal out to BMD Assist monitors for client handover. Think of it as a neutral base with a bit of a look to it.

This isn't an attempt to replicate film, this is my preference for color. I hope you enjoy.

The GH5 set includes five (5) LUTs (an additional look LUT titled GOLD RUSH, specifically for use with Comet Color LUTs), one (1) VLogL VLT and is available now for 40USD.  Looking forward to seeing what people do with them!

credit: AARON GREEN - V-Log L to Comet Color CONTRAST - No Adjustments

footage provided by AARON GREEN / Comet Color GH5 V-Log to Comet Color Contrast LUT




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