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Credit: Olan Collardy - Comet Color GOLD RUSH LUT 

Hi! After many requests (almost daily), I'm making my BMDFilm to Comet Color LUTs available to raise funds for my next project. I've invested countless hours on these and I appreciate the support!  Now, I'm releasing the 2019 version of the most popular Comet Color LUTs.

2019 is designed around BMDFilm Generation 4 Color Science and works best with URSA MINI PRO, BLACKMAGIC POCKET 4K CINEMA CAMERA and URSA MINI 4.6K. They are backward compatible with adjustments to saturation for GENERATION 3 color, as well as Blackmagic's Pocket camera, Cinema Camera, and 4K cameras.

A small bit about them: these are not technical LUTs, they're preference. A lot of time spent shooting and testing, gathering materials from better shooters than myself and many, MANY late nights tweaking, resetting, and grumbling. I focus mostly on skin, notably the LUTs introduce a trade mark "roundness" and "creaminess" to flesh tones. It's not accidental!

With these LUTs you can utilize your AWB setting in camera to nail WB and feed that out to a monitor for viewing. You can also record the signal out to BMD Assist monitors for client handover. Think of it as a neutral base with a bit of a look to it.

This isn't an attempt to replicate film, this is my preference for color. 


The current version, updated for 2019, includes a standard set of LUTS based on my original B_Gamma lots from the previous iterations, along with a new set called LOOKS, which is my experimental project. My decision to include these instead of charging for an entirely new set is based on wanting to evolve the entire Comet Color project a bit more quickly.

2019 features new LUTS, and brings back a very faithful version of B_GAMMA in the form of HEAVY. STRONG is a very strong lean toward a separated look, based on HEAVY.  Comet Color LOOKS has six different looks loosely based on ideas that've been brewing for years. There's a base out called LOOKS BASE, meant to be used on the first node, and look applied to the node following that. This allows more flexibility to correct before and after the look.  

For Pocket 4K users, there's a set meant to be installed and monitored with on the Pocket 4k cinema Camera.  You can also experiment with recording the looks straight to ProRes footage, a feature of the Pocket 4K cinema camera that I consider to be very powerful.

The goal of Comet Color has always been an "out of the box" look that you can drop on and either turn around to client or to begin your creative grade with. It is not intended as an accurate replacement of REC709 or Blackmagic's Extended Video LUT. These new versions of B_Gamma, which has become the mainstay of Comet Color, should realize more of that ambition for users. 

The ZIP contains all of this, meant to be used with Blackmagic Cinema Cameras, for 40USD.

The support for the past year or so has been amazing, thank you for sharing and recommending and I hope that you find Comet Color 2019 just as useful as you did the firsts. I'd love to see what the community does with it, so please feel free to post, tag, share your video and stills with the LUTs!

Thanks very much and I hope you like them!



footage provided by OLAN COLLARDY / Comet Color No Adjustments

Comet Color for BMD Film w/LOOK LUT

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